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What We Fly

Helicopters, mostly! But a variety of other aircraft.

DSC08312We are predominantly a helicopter club, but feel free to join if you have quads, planes, scale aircraft, anything really! We formed the club because we struggled to get enough flight time at clubs where the air is often full of planes, which can usually fly for longer than helicopters, and have many up at the same time in a constant rotation. Helicopters generally fly one at a time, so our only guidance is that if you want to fly something else, simply keep your flights to a reasonable length, so that everyone gets a turn.

Whatever you fly, you’ll find plenty of expertise to help with learning to control and maintain your model. We’ve built and flown fixed-pitch and collective pitch helicopters, both scale and modern. Fixed-wing aircraft, and quad-, hex- and octo-copters. People who join will find that members are more than happy to help with repairs, builds and other technical parts of the hobby. If you’re in any doubt about your own models, simply message us by email, or on the forum, and we’ll be happy to answer questions.

Our current fun project is building a set of first-person racing quads. Fancy getting involved in a race?!