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About Us

Started in 2003, Phoenix Rotors now has over 40 members of all ages.

Club History

151Phoenix Rotors model helicopter club was formed in the late summer of 2003. we were formed out of the need for a “dedicated” helicopter club in the Nottingham area. We were only a very small group of helicopter flyers with no where to enjoy our hobby at that time, we had been in many of the “local” clubs and found that the flying fields did not cater for our needs. So we made a “momentous decision” to form our own club and run it for the benefit of the growing interest of helicopter flyers. Since then, our membership has grown, and we’ve moved to a new flying field north of Nottingham.

As well as simply flying our models, we pride ourselves on the friendly atmosphere. We’re more than happy to help beginners, all the way from choosing your first model, through to building, and then learning to fly. We have many members who were total beginners when they joined, and are now performing complex acrobatic manoeuvres! We meet every week at our indoor venue, and there are plenty of people who are still mastering their hovers, before they venture outside.


The committee are voted in by the members each year. They’re not really in charge, but handle day-to-day club matters, such as negotiating the field rental. They’re also good people to ask if you’re interested in joining the club!

Ian Hall

Club Chairman

Rob Pearson

Club Secretary

Alastair McCartney

BMFA Representative

Michael Pound


Alan Inglis


We do not have a dedicated safety officer. Instead all committee members can act in a safety capacity, and are familiar with the club and BMFA guidelines.

Membership Details

  • Open to members of all ages (Junior and Senior memberships available)
  • Friendly and helpful club
  • All skill levels welcome (1st flights through to competition)
  • Flight field available 365 days a year, dawn to dusk.
  • BMFA Membership (for insurance) is required but can be obtained either through the club or via the BMFA website
  • Phoenix Rotors is a BMFA affiliated club

Please contact one of the committee members for joining instructions or simply pop down to our social evening in Arnold as our guest to join in the fun. If you do turn up on a Tuesday, you can fly for free for three evenings under the club insurance.

Thanks for visiting us, we hope to see you soon!
Happy Flying!

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