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Learning To Fly

Learning to fly RC helicopters is hard, let us help out!

DSC00024Phoenix rotors has members with a wide variety of skill levels. While some have years of experience, plenty of us are still learning to hover, and everyone knows what it’s like for those first few hours, where you seem to be spending more time on repairs than in the air.

If you’ve never flown a model helicopter before, it can be a daunting process. Learning to fly an RC helicopter is hard, and it’s often made a lot worse if you don’t have someone with experience to show you the ropes, and to make sure your model setup isn’t holding you back. At Phoenix Rotors we’re always happy to help set up your helicopter, and to repair it if you crash. The less time you spend worrying about swash mixes and pitch curves, the more time you can be in the air. We can even set you up on dual controls if you’d like a bit more support.

Once you’re flying about, you’ll find that knowledge of setting up and building models follows naturally, and in no time you’ll be offering advice to the new members instead of receiving it!